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2021: The Year of Compassion and Empathy in the Abyss

This new era is ripe with opportunity in making changes. We can evolve in ways that make life better for ourselves, each other and our home, planet Earth. When I think of forging new pathways, I keep thinking of the lessons I’ve learned in advocacy. Without hesitation, I’d say the most effective, sustainable and smartest way to advocate for change is through compassion and empathy.

We as a community are so deeply divided at this time. It feels as if there is an abyss between people and “sides.” There are no sides. There are ideas and beliefs, and they live within our minds. All of them can change, and our minds and hearts can open to one another.

Instead of asking, “how can they think that way?” ask, “why do they think that way?” What happened that led to their beliefs, ideas and thinking? When you can honestly take a good look at someone’s background and walk in their shoes, and understand, most of all their fears, then, you can truly be effective in making change.

We can be the change. If we practice compassion and empathy, we can fill that abyss with the mountains we’ve moved.

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