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Renée is an award-winning director, writer, actress and filmmaker who focuses on creating stories about the human condition and how we connect with one another. As a self-taught director, most of her projects have garnished awards in film festivals.


A Broadway and stage veteran, she performed in regional theaters across the US and toured internationally appearing on stages throughout Europe. She was also a professional dancer and choreographer.


After immersing herself in higher education and travel, including a 2-year stint living in the bush of Tanzania, Africa, Renée became inspired to work behind the camera. Enriched with various life experiences gave her a wide range and unique perspective she brings to her work.


She is currently in development of her next project, a feature screenplay and film. Check back soon for updates.

One of the exciting things about Renée is she brings all of her rich and wonderful life

experience to directing, and it shines through! She has been an artist her entire life, on all sides of various disciplines. Her experience as a dancer, choreographer, writer, and actress all inform and impact how she thinks about storytelling, design, movement, tempo, and build. It is the kind of experience that money can’t buy! Her entire life is a treasure that she brings to filmmaking. To know her, is to be enhanced and uplifted by her presence. Kristin Hanggi, theatre/television/film director, Broadway musical - Rock of Ages

Renée Stork is a brilliant woman. I have seen many examples of her talent and films

she’s directed and have long been impressed by her work ethic and desire to be the best at what she does. She has outstanding acting, producing and directing skills. She is able to successfully complete projects with maximum results despite deadline pressure. Her films are currently on the film festival route earning many official selections and awards. She is a natural leader and her vision and life experience shine through. I must also make note of Renée's exceptional ability to lead a cast and crew and inspire and challenge them to bring out their best work and the actors’ best performances. She is truly an inspiration and force to be reckoned with.Jennifer Rudolph, President and CEO, The Actor's Green Room

“Renée is one of the most sought after on-camera directors, actors and producers. Her beautiful work on and off camera constantly engages and inspires. I recently worked with her as an acting coach. Her warm embrace immediately lets you know that you will be nurtured. Her razor sharp insights reassure you that you can craft an honest, soulful performance. She honors the choices you bring to the table while gently suggesting another approach. I left our joyous, collaborative session feeling empowered to deliver a fully realized character on set--take after take. I'm excited to play with my cast and reassure my director that "I’ve got this. I cannot recommend working with Renée Stork enough, but don’t completely book her, cause I’m gonna be wanting more slots.MaryJo McConnell, Actor

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