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"I am a director, actress, & filmmaker here to create stories about the extraordinary lives of remarkable women which focus on their human nature, spiritual connectives, and journey of hearts opening in ways that heal the world." 


Renée was handpicked by legendary Broadway director Jerome Robbins for the original cast of his multiple Tony award-winning show Jerome Robbins Broadway. She's joyously performed in regional theaters across the US and toured internationally appearing on stages throughout Europe.


After a lengthy hiatus from theatre and immersed in higher education and travel, including a 2 year stint living in the bush of Tanzania, Africa, Renée became inspired to work in front of and behind the camera. She began following her passion for directing and recently completed production directing the films, The Cartographer, Hearts That Cross Borders, UBER Oracle, and the webseries Love Your Life.

Renée is currently writing her first feature screenplay. Check back soon for updates.








I think miracles happen everyday, and Renée's story of the Uber Oracle just underscores that we could open the door to a new future or new way of being at any moment. Renee has a special gift of being able to take words off the page, images off the screen and lift them into your heart.


Renée Stork is one of the most wonderful people I've ever had the good fortune to know. I greatly admired her work as an actor - and then - when I got to view her directorial debut for The Cartographer - I was totally blown away! Performing in her film, Uber Oracle - which she both wrote AND directed, was honestly one of the high points in my acting career. Renee is a true creative - and being an actor - she has an innate, sensitive understanding of how to bring out the best in every person on set. Her vision is exquisite - always. An awesome actor, director, writer - and a magical human being!

Renée Stork cast me and expertly directed a short, "The Cartographer," that scared me. I didn't think I could do it and because of her loving, warm and direct nature, I trusted her without question. Because of her energy, I learned we can all help each other soar. And that's what it's all about.








"Renée is one of the most sought after on-camera directors, actors and producers. Her beautiful work on and off camera constantly engages and inspires. I recently worked with her as an acting coach. Her warm embrace immediately lets you know that you will be nurtured. Her razor sharp insights reassure you that you can craft an honest, soulful performance. She honors the choices you bring to the table while gently suggesting another approach. I left our joyous, collaborative session feeling empowered to deliver a fully realized character on set--take after take. I'm excited to play with my cast and reassure my director that "I’ve got this." I cannot recommend working with Renée Stork enough, but don’t completely book her, cause I’m gonna be wanting more slots."

MaryJo McConnell, Actor

"So I'm shooting a very difficult part this weekend with award winning director and writer. Think Mamet - Pinter -Becker for film. The Pacing and rhythm are essential. Because we don't normally get to rehearse for film roles I reached out to Renée Stork and we set up a coaching session to practice various ways into the world and my character. With Steve O'Brien. We had the best hour and a half. I feel more certain with my choices and all around a great session. If you want coaching (and as you know I teach and coach but I believe in keeping a beginners mind. We can never stop learning from our peers.) She is the bomb. I'm buzzing all over. All heart and pure insight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ms. Lady Stork. Doesn't that fit. Lady Stork. Now that beckons us to do a scene from Game of Thrones. ...hum. (To be continued.) Seriously. Again Thank you."

Anthony Robert Grasso, Actor

"'The way you do anything is the way you do everything', as they say...and that applies to Renée as she is an extraordinary actress, artist, director, coach, friend and member of this community. The trust she gives actors on set allows actors to feel a glorious a sense of freedom and confidence. Every single adjustment and tweak is so tuned in... it was as if she was reading our minds. I visualize, manifest and affirm the day I get to work and play with her again. By so generously, deeply and fully sharing her gifts, the Stork makes the world a better place."

Amanda Brooke Lerner, Award Winning Actress



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