Uber Oracle is a short film based on a mystifying rumor in New York City of an Uber driver who is an oracle. As the legend goes, no one has ever identified the oracle, but after a person rides in the oracle’s Uber, their life changes. Although the oracle actually says very little to their passengers, a miracle ends up occurring in each person’s life.

Throughout the film, several characters enter their ride under the impression they are in an ordinary Uber, but unknowingly they witness the mysterious oracle driver. Most are on the precipice of a breakthrough in their lives after facing a specific conflict they’ve struggled with over time, but all have one definitive thing in common: their lives are about to change. Through brief but direct conversations, a few suggested thoughts and some unexpected “coincidences,” each person leaves the Uber with either an epiphany, a shift in focus or a new inspiration that undeniably alters the path of their life.


"The idea came to me about a year ago. I remember thinking that I wanted to tell a story that would provoke awareness about what we tell ourselves about who we are in our lives and how we can change. We have the power to turn our lives around by changing our thinking and, in turn, we change who we are in the world. I keep going back to the fact that everything we see created in the world originated from a simple thought. Everything. Harnessing our thinking is so powerful in how and what we create in the world and the world that we, as individuals, create. I loved writing a story about an individual who helps people change their thoughts about who they are and meanwhile ends up changing their own story."I'd like to give a huge thank you to Clyde Baldo and Natalie Roy. I'd also like to thank Jen Rudolph, founder of the Actor's Green Room, for facilitating this amazing Short Film Competition, and Shannon Hamm for being its unstoppable coordinator. And, lastly though anything but least, I'd like to thank Kristin Hanggi for all of her guidance in the creation, inspiration, and writing of this film."


© 2017 by Renée Stork